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AI Content is taking over the internet. Don't get left behind.

ChatGPT hit 100 million monthly active users in January 2023. This made it the fastest-growing application in history

If you don't have a strategy for using AI content In Your Business, you WILL be left behind.

It doesn’t take hours or days to craft high-quality pieces of content, that search engines are practically begging for

You can create content in seconds that can take your competitor’s traffic!

We’ve broken content creation down to an exact science. And we’re giving you the entire formula…

The content kit includes prompts for crafting the perfect H2 subheadings. As well as 3 ChatGPT prompts for writing high-quality content.

the SEO Content Kit Will Show You exactly where to Insert your keywords to 3x your traffic

16 Image Prompts are Included For Midjourney. You'll have The Power To Create jaw dropping imagery for your blog posts as well.

You’ll be able to create any kind of image you want. Realistic, sci-fi, cartoon style, comic book style, professional photography, and many more!

Images are 100% aI generated Using Midjourney

What you'll Learn In The Content Kit 1.0 Guide

  • How to create content that will rank with minimal (or zero) backlinks
  • A very simple method to find keywords that will bring clicks in a short amount of time
  • How to create bulletproof outlines
  • Strong criteria for choosing your keywords
  • Human-like GPT-4 prompt that has been tested 500+ times across dozens of niches
  • A comprehensive guide to using Midjourney
  • How to use PAA questions to increase article impressions
  • How to use related searches in your content
  • Where to place your keywords in your content
  • 16 powerful Midjourney prompt add-ons
  • Guidelines to make sure every article you publish is successful

Who is the SEO Content Kit For?

Complete Beginners to SEO:
If you are a beginner with no experience, this guide is made for you.

Intermediate SEO Marketers:
You have SEO experience but need a better strategy to create high-quality content, this is for you.

Experienced SEO Specialists:
You’ve done it all. But now, you want to outsource everything to VAs.
Send a virtual assistant this guide and a list of keywords and they will produce quality results for you.

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