Success 🙂 Let’s talk about writing for a second….

You know the drill.

24 hours have been skipped. 

The next email has been sent to your inbox 🙂 

But let’s talk about content creation for a moment. 

Trying to find an actually “good” guide for SEO content creation is a pain in the ass. 

All the major SEO sites are sooo vanilla and bland.

They never get to the point, and will say things like…. 

“You need to include the right keywords in your content”

“Your content needs to be engaging for the reader”

“Your content needs to match the search intent”

“You need to use long tail search terms that…”


Give me the short version please! How do you actually write good content if you have no writing skills at all? Or don’t even like writing to begin with?

I mean…

We’re trying to get traffic so we can grow our business!

We’re not trying to win the Pulitzer Prize or anything. 

But there is a way…

It’s pretty simple actually 🙂

We use some serious AI prompting. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know what AI is by now. 

Most people have played around with ChatGPT here and there. 

But those people aren’t SEO-obsessed nerds like me and you (maybe just me).

Every SEO specialist in a 5-mile radius is using AI to create content. 

But the majority of their articles completely suck. 

Based on what I’m seeing, these guys have no idea what they’re doing at all. 

The articles are so robotic and lifeless. 

There is no “emotion” or style to the writing AT ALL. 

Most SEO guys will pop open ChatGPT and enter. 

“Give me a 1000-word SEO-optimized article for the keyword…”

You’re joking right?

This doesn’t work.

And will NEVER work.

Because ChatGPT doesn’t analyze the results for your keyword. 

And determine how to rank using that data. 

This is where we differ from the majority of SEO teams. 

We’ve built a more robust process to create AI articles that rank. 

And we’ll share it with you. 

In fact, we’ve split-tested our prompts over 500+ times to get high-quality outputs. 

That requires almost NO human editing. 

The results are completely insane. 

AI is advancing at a rapid pace, and it’s only going to get better. 

Our method allows you to use AI to write content BETTER than a human would. 

Literally within seconds. 

And you know how important images are for content. 

But you can’t steal them (that’s copyright infringement).

So we created our own prompts for image creation as well. 

You can learn how to make images that look like this…

ZERO skill required.

If highly readable

Extremely engaging 

Human-like AI content 

In just minutes, sounds good to you….

Then download the guide now below…

You won’t regret it 🙂