Welcome back to the future, 24 hours to be exact…

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As you requested. 

The next email has been sent to your inbox. 

Read at your leisure. 

You just saw how powerful niche selection was in the previous email. 

And you probably want to get your hands on the list of niches. 

This data was very expensive to collect. 

Most keyword research tools charge $200 per month for their highest-end packages. 

To create this list we needed 4 different site explorer tools to sort the data. 

It was a serious pain in the ass.

But now that we have it… 

Our team plans to launch at least 10-20 more niche sites in the next few months using this list.

And not only that. 

The list also includes URLs to the websites. 

These websites are WEAK, and they are STILL getting serious amounts of traffic. 

You know what that means?

You can take their traffic. 

Copy the keywords they rank for and make better content than them. 

It’s honestly pure gold. 

Your site is pretty much guaranteed to rank

We can’t give something like this away for free (that would be stupid).

If you are ready to buy your copy before we close it for good…

Like we said before it’s limited to 100 people. 

We’ll see you in the next email