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Google is STILL the king of organic traffic. 

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We’ll be covering a lot in our emails. 

Strategies and methods to rank your site. 

Only the stuff that actually works. 

Every website owner should have a deep understanding of how SEO works. 

Even if you decide to hire an agency. 

Actually, ESPECIALLY if you decide to hire an agency.

You need to know when they are bullshitting you.

Imagine walking into a car dealership…

With no knowledge about cars. 

You just want a “nice car”.


You’ve just become fresh meat. 

While you wait at the front desk. 

The sales team is in the back..

Fighting rock paper scissors..

Trying to decide who gets to reel in the sucker 🙁

You’ll be sold the most overpriced junk. 

That you probably can’t afford.

But why would they care? 

Bigger commissions for them!

As soon as you sign the dotted line…

It’s YOUR problem not theirs right?

Absolutely horrible 😡

That’s a lot of SEO agencies out here. 

Overpriced fluff and no results. 

You’ll pay your $1,000 per month fees for 6 months while you

“wait for rankings”

You and about 130 of their other clients.

Until you eventually FIRE them for producing barely any traffic. 

But it doesn’t matter to them!

They’ve already gotten MONTHS‘ worth of income from you!

These SEO agencies are laughing their asses off all the way to the bank. 

With YOUR money!

This is why learning SEO is important for EVERY business owner, blogger, writer, etc…

Pretty much anyone with a website.

On the other hand, it is true….

You do need to be somewhat patient to see results in SEO. 

We focus on strategies that can start bringing us clicks within weeks. 

Not 6 months plus  

We created Search Optimize to provide only PRACTICAL information on SEO. 

That bring results


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