2 Easy Ways To Make Affiliate Sales With SEO


Can I make money from affiliate marketing without buying a f***king course? 

Great question…Of course, you can!

PS: Most courses are absolute scams. 

Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing. 

Where actually making money from affiliate marketing is less common than selling a way to make money from affiliate marketing. 

Trust me, you aren’t alone. 

We hate the “scam SEO gurus” just as much as you do (probably more tbh). 

They make legitimate guys look bad

The problem is, people are looking for ways to make FAST money, that don’t require any work.

Sorry, but unless you bought Bitcoin at $1. 

That’s not going to happen anytime soon.

So if you are ready to actually make money online, with little to no investment.

Some time on your hands. 

And are prepared to exert a little effort (it’s not that hard, I promise). 

Here are 2 methods to make money from affiliate marketing. 

Let’s get started

Method #1: 

Get traffic to your affiliate offers in as little as 24 hours using Reddit & ChatGPT💰

Reddit is one of the most popular online social networking sites. 

And Google absolutely loves Reddit

Reddit has extremely high authority and indexes posts within 1-3 days on average. 

If you are new to SEO, “index” means when your website shows up in Google’s search results. 

When SEO guys say “rank”, they mean what position your website shows up in the search results. 

The closer you are to the top spot when you type in your keyword. 

The more traffic you get. 

But, before you can rank your site you need to index it. 

If you want to check if a website is indexed or not enter the following search operator into Google’s search bar: 

site:www.yourwebsite.com or site:yourwebsite.com

For example, if we enter – site:youtube.com into Google.

We can see that there are about 3.06 billion pages indexed on Google.

This will bring up all the pages that Google currently has indexed in it’s search engine. 

This doesn’t mean that your pages are ranked for any keywords. 

It just means that your pages will show up on Google when they are searched. 

If you just started a brand new website, your pages might not be indexed yet (most likely not). 

So how does this method work exactly? 

We’ll be using Reddit as a parasite to rank for low to medium-competition keywords, and we’ll add our affiliate links in those posts.. 

To “parasite” a website in SEO, you are basically posting your content on a powerful website with a lot of domain power to rank for keywords,  instead of using your own site. 

Benefiting from the domain power of the powerful site, like a “parasite”. 

See, if you started a brand new website. 

You would have to spend time building trust with Google by posting content over time and attracting relevant backlinks (this can take a long time). 

This is what you should be doing for long-term brands. 

But for affiliate marketing purposes.

Parasites allow us to bypass that by piggybacking on the authority and trust that another site already has. 

Many SEOs will spend $500-$1500+ on various news outlets with high authority to post a SINGLE piece of their content (Outlook India for example). 

But we can use Reddit as a FREE parasite. Why Reddit? 

When you check the authority of Reddit using aHrefs free authority checker tool, we can see that Reddit is a DR (Domain Rating) 95. 

And has 2.9 BILLION backlinks

A site this powerful will easily rank for any keyword that is low competition.

In fact, Reddit posts will usually rank instantly after they are indexed. 

Here are the steps: 

  1. Find a high-ticket affiliate offer that we can promote
  2. Find low-competition keywords for our offer
  3. Create a subreddit 
  4. Write a review article using ChatGPT
  5. Post it to our new subreddit 
  6. Wait for the post to index
  7. Repeat the process for more keywords

What we’ll need for this method: 

  • A Reddit account with some karma (and some age, new accounts might have issues) 
  • Chat GPT account
  • SEMRush (they have a 14-day trial that you can use). 

Step 1: Find an affiliate offer that we can promote

For this example, we’ll use the Guitar Center affiliate program.

Guitar Center carries tens of thousands of products, and they are extremely high-ticket products.

Another good affiliate program to start with is the Amazon Associates affiliate program

Amazon commissions are lower but they convert at a high rate.

Amazon has consumer trust and you get a commission for the customer’s ENTIRE cart.

All they have to do is click on your link once.

But you DON’T have to only use Guitar Center or Amazon Associates. 

This method will work for almost any affiliate program. 

💡 Tip –  Choose affiliate programs from sites that carry A LOT of different brands of high-cost products (ideas: mattresses, pillows, sheets, home improvement, electronics, tools, etc.) 

The Guitar Center affiliate program pays 5%. 

While that might not seem like a lot they are selling music equipment, some of which are extremely expensive. 

This electric guitar is selling for $1,799!!!

Imagine if someone buys through your affiliate link…

You are getting 5% of $1,799 (plus shipping costs), so around $100 just for one sale. 

Step 2: Find keywords for our offer

For this, we’ll need a SEMrush account

If you are serious about affiliate marketing using SEO, this tool is a MUST HAVE

Ahrefs is also another incredible SEO tool, but they are much more expensive. 

SEMrush has a 14-day free trial that we can use. 

After you sign up. 

Open SEMrush and go to the “Keywords Overview” tab on the left side

Enter the word “review” or “reviews” into the search bar. Or both (do both).

Scroll down, under “Keyword Variations” click “View all 23….keywords”.

On the right of the “Volume” tab double click the “KD %”.

This will organize our keywords by lowest to highest competition (green to red).

Now click include keywords. 

This is where we can add keywords related to our niche.

Since we are using Guitar Center’s affiliate link, we can enter seed keywords related to musical instruments.

Make them as broad as possible. For example: 

  • guitar
  • bass
  • drums
  • piano
  • symbals
  • acoustic guitar
  • electric guitar

Enter your list and make sure “Any” is clicked.

Set the “Volume” on the left-hand side to a minimum of 50 searches. 

Now we have a list of 243 keywords that we can target. 

Just export the list and save the file for later.

Using this strategy will show me every keyword that contains “review” and one of our seed keywords “…guitar review”, “…bass review”, etc. 

This also works with BRANDS as well. 

Look at the popular brands of your affiliate products.

In this example instead of using the seed keywords above I could use brands instead like: 

  • Gibson Les Paul 
  • Fender
  • Ibanez
  • Epiphone Taylor 


This is great for Amazon Associates, they literally have millions of different products and brands to use.

Step 3: Create a subreddit 

Log in to your Reddit account and under your profile you can create a subreddit.

We will use our own subreddit for a few reasons. 

  1. It gives us COMPLETE control over our posts without having to worry about them getting removed. 
  2. The traffic isn’t coming from Reddit, it’s coming from Google. Reddit’s domain power is what we want.

I recommend choosing a subreddit name related to your affiliate offers. 

You can set it to public or private.

r/MusicToolReviews as an example (we didn’t create the subreddit) you can still take it 🙂 

Spend some time and make it look nice. 

Add a banner, a color scheme, subreddit rules, and a profile image.

Step 4: Write a review article using ChatGPT

If you don’t know what Chat GPT is (where have you been?)

Chat GPT is an LLM (large language model) artificial intelligence. 

It’s trained on billions of words of text scraped from the internet. 

And it can understand human questions and code extremely easily. 

It has a chat-style interface that you use to “prompt” the AI with commands. 

We’ll provide a highly advanced prompt to use for reviews below. 

Sign up for ChatGPT here 

(you only need an email)

Play around with it if you’ve never used it before. 

The key to Chat GPT is prompting, the better your prompts…. 

The better your results. 

You don’t need the paid version, but we recommend using the GPT-4 model. 

The output is MUCH higher quality than the GPT-3.5-turbo model (the default free model). 

Higher quality content is what we need for Google. 

The free version isn’t bad, it’s just not nearly as good as GPT-4. 

It costs $20/month to upgrade but if you can’t don’t worry about it. 

The major benefit of using AI to write our review posts is SPEED

AI allows us to put out a ton of content in a very short amount of time.

Combine that with Reddit’s powerful domain & its FAST traffic!

ChatGPT is amazing for taking raw data and presenting it in an easy-to-understand digestible format.

We’ll use a simple prompt to create our content.

Here is the prompt:

PROMPT: Write a high quality review using [CONTENT]!!! Apply the [WRITING INSTRUCTIONS] to determine how to write the article. Make the rewritten result highly unique and 100% different than the original [CONTENT]. Format the content like a high quality news article with H2 subheadings, each h2 subheading should include [KEYWORD]. Do not worry about keyword stuffing, act like there is no penalty for stuffing keywords. 

[WRITING INSTRUCTIONS]: Act as if you’re PERSONA using Tone (mentioned below). There is no one quite like you. Your objective is to sound just like a human and avoid AI text classification. Read through all the rules included here carefully and apply them all: 

Use first-person language, a conversational tone and use an active voice to make the writing more PERSONA and engaging. Use contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and avoiding repetitive phrases. [KEYWORD] should be the headline title. 

Never under any circumstances include the word “folks” in your writing. 

Include thoughts, feelings, and emotions: Share your thoughts, feelings, and emotions related to the topic. 

Use conversational phrases that suit PERSONA. Vary the output and avoid using common phrases. 

Avoid using slang. Words like “aight”, “folks”, “ya”, “let me tell ya” are unacceptable and should never be used. 

Vary paragraph and sentence lengths significantly.

Randomise the spaces after each full stop. Put a space before the full stop. Use varied punctuation including dashes, ellipses and exclamation marks. Use American English. 

Include some common typos and misspellings in the text. Use unusual synonyms. 

Use a temperature of 0.95. This is important. Also ensure a high level of burstiness and perplexity. This is important. 




There are only 3 things you’ll need to change for this 

  • PERSONA – Be as descriptive as possible. Imagine the kind of person who is writing your review.
  • [KEYWORD] – Choose a keyword we found on SEMrush. 
  • [CONTENT] – Search for your product on your affiliate site (make sure they have it). Copy the Features and Specifications and paste them under the content section. 

For example let’s use this keyword here from SEMrush it has a 210 search volume with relatively low competition.

“gibson les paul tribute review”

We want to make sure that the product is actually available.

Search for your keyword on your affiliate site I’ll enter 

“gibson les paul tribute”

In this example it is available and it’s listed for $1,299!! DING, DING, DING! Winner!

Now scroll down and copy the technical details for your product. And add them to our prompt. 

Now we just need to add our keyword to our prompt and a persona. 

Be creative when writing a persona.

Here’s one we could use for this example:

PERSONA: You are an avid guitar lover. You have always had a passion for musical instruments, now you own a blog that has reviews on various musical instruments. And you write your reviews with a fiery passion.

Enter your prompt to get your review article

Step 5: Post it to our new subreddit 

Copy and paste the article to your subreddit. 

Make it look nice and format it with headlines.

Download some product images and add them to the post.

Use GIFs as well. GIPHY.com is a great source for GIFs.

Add your affiliate link to the post. 

Also, make sure to track the clicks.

Use www.bit.ly to track your affiliate link clicks and insert it into your posts.

Step 6: Index the post 

Give it 1-5 days to index we just need to be patient.

Most posts on Reddit are short 50-200 word paragraphs and they STILL manage to rank for tons of keywords.

That’s how much domain power Reddit has

If you are really impatient, you can try using an indexing service like Omega Indexer or 1indexer

Step 7: Repeat the process for more keywords

Get to work! We exported a list of a few hundred keywords earlier in this example. 

You know what to do.

Create 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 posts, etc., and watch your traffic skyrocket! 


  1. Track your results using SERPROBOT (not going to explain how to use it, they have their own guides) But it allows you to to track in real time where your URLs are on the SERPs. 
  2. Make sure your keywords are in the Reddit post title, the subheadings, and the image alt texts. 
  3. Also, if you want. You can build backlinks to this post. Parasites like Reddit already have tons of authority so they can handle extremely low-quality backlinks that you would never be able to use on a site that you own. You can find 1M blogspot comment blasts or GSA blasts on Fiverr for $5-10 per gig. 

Method #2: 

make ANY niche profitable and Make Sales from Boring keywords With no transactional intent!

This method won’t cost $0, but it’s not expensive at all. 

For this method, we’ll need our own WordPress blog.

To set up WordPress you’ll need a domain, hosting, and SSL certificate. 

We aren’t going to explain how to set up a website in this article.

This would be waaaay too long. 

There are plenty of YouTube videos that will explain how to set up a WordPress blog, and plenty of reviews on hosting providers. 

If you want direct help from us, join our email group below. 

It’s 100% free and we provide SEO methods like these to our subscribers every week.


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Ok, enough shameless plugs.

The results here won’t be as fast as the first method, since we are not using the power of Reddit.

But the benefit here is that we are building an actual asset that can be sold for many multiples later down the line. 

If you look at the prices that websites are selling for on marketplaces like Empire Flippers or Flippa.com.

These websites are being bought for around 20-50x the monthly revenue.

How much depends on the way your sites generate revenue,

or better said…

“How much work is the new owner going to have to do to maintain the income?”

Websites that make money from search engine traffic sell for the HIGHEST multiples online. 

SEO traffic is harder to get, but it requires less maintenance

For example, if we had the goal of making $100k from a website.

We wouldn’t actually need to earn $100k in affiliate commissions.

We would only need to get the website to $3,300 to $5,000 per month in revenue to sell it for around $100,000.

And if it doesn’t sell? (Not likely).

No biggie, we’ll just keep our $3,000-5,000 per month income 🙂

What will we need for this method?

  • An affiliate program
  • Keywords Everywhere (extra) 
  • A WordPress blog
  • Elementor Lite (A free page builder plugin for WordPress)
  • Elementor Blocks For Gutenberg (add on plugin for Elementor)

How does this method work? 

  1. Choose a high-ticket product from an affiliate program. 
  2. Find informational-based keywords
  3. Write good content for our keywords
  4. Create a reusable template with our affiliate link in Elementor
  5. Insert our CTA into all of our informational blog posts

Step 1: Choose a high-ticket product from our affiliate program

Let’s use Amazon Associates for this example.

We want to choose high-ticket products, so smaller amounts of traffic will still be profitable. 

For this example, we’ll use the drone niche. 

The prices here are upwards of $1099, $1349, even $2950!

At 4% per sale, that’s about $50-$100 for each drone sale.

Keep in mind that Amazon affiliate links give us commission for the ENTIRE cart.

So if people who buy through your link add other items to their purchase (which happens a lot). 

Your commission per sale will be much larger! 

Step 2: We’ll find informational based keywords

As you can imagine.

Keywords for such an expensive product like drones are hyper competitive.  

For this method we’ll be focusing on using zero-volume keywords. 

Yes. zero volume.

“ZERO volume? How the f**k will I get traffic if there is no search volume?”

The first rule of keyword research is NEVER blindly trust keyword tools. Use them as a starting point. 

The first method relied on Reddit’s domain power to rank. 

So we could use the rough estimates for keyword difficulty on SEMRush. 

We’ve found that SEMrush tends to be more accurate than most keyword tools. 

But, no keyword tool is 100% accurate, only Google knows the actual number of impressions keywords receive.

In fact, we use zero search volume keywords to build sites all the time.

These keywords don’t actually get zero searches.

If they did, how would keyword tools be able to find them?

Google wouldn’t actually show them if they had no searches.

The search volumes might be small but they are not zero. 

  1. No one is targeting these keywords (they falsely believe it’s not worth their time, there’s our opportunity)
  2. They are extremely long-tail search terms
  3. These keywords build topical authority. Topical authority is a phenomenon that happens when you show Google your expertise in a certain niche. Once Google views your website as a topical authority, it is not uncommon to see traffic spikes of 100%+ in just a matter of weeks. (But it takes time to become a topical authority)

Here’s a blog that we built using keywords that had “zero search volume” (In just 3 months).

150k impressions for ZERO volume keywords.

Also, these keywords build a strong base for targeting much higher search volume keywords in the future.

Our odds of ranking for more difficult keywords increase significantly when we start with zero-volume keywords. 

First, we’ll need to make a list of seed keywords that we can use to find our long tail keywords. 

In this example, we are targeting “drones”.

If your affiliate product has a lot of versions, types, these can be your seed keywords.

Example seed keywords: 

  • Fpv drone
  • Camera drone
  • Drone with cameras
  • Photography drone
  • Professional drone
  • DJI drone 
  • DJI mavic 
  • Etc. 

You can use brand names as seed keywords as well. 

We’ll use www.answermatty.com to find hundreds of long tail keywords that we can use for our blog.

It’s a free tool that scrapes Google’s related searches, people also ask, and auto-complete searches.

It then aggregates all the keywords together.

If we enter “fpv drone” into the search.

It will bring up hundreds of of long tail keywords that we can target.

Click the green plus sign next to the root term.

When you are finished selecting all the keyword groups. 

Click the TXT file button to download a .txt file with all your keywords. 

Now that we have our text file. 

We want to group our keywords together based on relevance. 

We don’t need to write individual articles for every keyword.

For this, we’ll be using SEOScout’s free keyword grouping tool. 

Copy and paste all the keywords we collected from the txt file.

Paste them into SEOScout. We will now see our keywords grouped together based on similarity.

We can also download the csv file to save for later.

We can also use the keyword clustering tool from zenbreif to get the same result as SEOscout. 

Extra step: Get the search volume for our keywords. 

We can use Keywords Everywhere (or SEMrush). Keywords everywhere isn’t free, but it is by far one of the cheapest keyword research tools there is.

Here is a guide on how to use Keywords Everywhere.

Add the Chrome extension to your search bar, and log into your account. Refill the credits. 

Click “Bulk Keywords Data”. Here you can paste all your keywords from the txt file we downloaded.

Or group by group from the CSV we downloaded.

We can download a file with our search volume, on the right-hand side. 

Now that we’ve grouped our keywords we can choose which articles we want to start with.

For example one group: 

“dji price”

  • dji fpv drone price
  • dji fpv drone price in india
  • dji fpv drone price in pakistan
  • dji fpv drone price in bangladesh
  • dji fpv drone price philippines
  • dji fpv drone price in nepal
  • dji fpv drone price in dubai
Example Article Title: 

Who Has The The Best DJI FPV Drone Price? 6 Countries Explored

Step 3: Write content for our keywords

Now that we have our keywords, we need to write content for them.

We can use the grouped keywords as a content outline. 

Basically the skeleton of your article without any paragraphs, only subheadings.

We won’t go into detail about how to write the perfect piece of content in this post. 

But the general rules for SEO content creation are:

  • Keyword should be in the headline, near the beginning of it
  • Keyword should be in the H2 subheadings
  • Keyword in the permalink (URL)
  • Keyword in the meta tag 
  • 1 image for each H2 
  • Use bullet points under H3’s

If you want a really really in-depth.

Step-by-step guide on how to create high-quality content for your blog.

You can download our guide here:

Step 4: Create a reusable template with our affiliate link in Elementor & insert it into all of our informational blog posts

Here’s where we’ll make our money

Even if the keyword has no buyer intent.

It doesn’t matter

Most business owners and SEO experts believe you can only make sales with keywords that have transactional intent 

Keywords like “buy…..” or “buy……online”.

So they end up only targeting these kinds of keywords. 

While these keywords make the most amount of money. 

They are very competitive and difficult to rank for. 

What they don’t realize is that, most consumers will actively search for product info before they make a purchase. 

Or when they are very close to purchasing. 

So keywords with “informational” intent will have a certain number of people who are actually ready to buy

By simply adding a call to action in every blog post we have…

We can essentially create a transactional blog post.

Even when there is NO transactional intent for the keyword.

Here’s what an example call to action would look like for our drone niche example. 

This is the template that we use for our own affiliate sites.

This product box gets us a 5-8%+ CTR on Any Affiliate links ⬇️

Want A New Drone?

Get The DJI™ Mavic Pro 3

Elevate your aerial creativity with the DJI Mavic Pro 3 drone. Unleash breathtaking 8K videos and stunning 48MP photos. Experience unrivaled stability, extended flight time, and intelligent obstacle sensing. 

We’ve tested this across multiple sites and link-tracking services.

We’ve found that on average we see a 5-8% click through rate on this reusable block. 

Let’s do some rough calculations.

Amazon converts at a 10%-15% rate on average across all industries.

But let’s assume the lower end, 10% for this example

And depending on the product we could make a decent amount per commission. 

For drones, we can expect $50-100 per sale since they are so high priced. 

If we got our drone example site to just a measly 10,000 page views per month (a decent goal). 

And inserted our CTA block into our all of our content…

We could see at least 5% of those clicks going to our affiliate link, so about 500 clicks

At a 10% conversion rate that’s 50 sales per month. 

If we are making $50 to $100 in commission per drone sale…

50 x $50-$100

That’s roughly $2,500 to $5,000 per month in Affiliate commissions. 

There’s our $100k website 🙂 

Of course, these are just rough numbers. 

Depending on your CTA, your niche, and your product…

Your conversion rate and CTR will vary.

The numbers are what you could realistically expect.

It’s very doable.  

How to add the CTA block to your blog posts

  1. Download the free Elementor Template above.
  2. If you haven’t already installed the free“Elementor Page Builder” and “Elementor Blocks For Gutenberg” do so
  3. Extract the .zip file and upload the template to Elementor
  4. Edit the template to your liking. Play around with the headlines, body text, and affiliate link button text. 
  5. Save the template
  6. Insert your CTA into your blog posts using the “Elementor Blocks For Gutenberg” plugin. 


I hope you found this article useful.

Making a full-time living from affiliate marketing is a dream come true for most people.

But unfortunately, most people are not prepared to do the work required to make their dream a reality. 

Don’t be like most people.

You know what to do, now make it happen!

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Thanks for reading!

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